Journey of descent: Integrating realizations -
FREE online workshop 30.11. 6pm UTC(0)

Welcome to explore the journey of descent. 

As the journey of ascent is best described as ascending up to heaven to realize our true nature, the journey of descent is the journey in which we bring the heaven here on earth; integrate our realizations in to our physical plane and our everyday life.

Every journey of descent is different from one individual to another, but there seem to be some common phases and shared layers within this process. And by being aware of these layers we can make this work a whole lot easier.

In this workshop we will explore the theme of integration: How can we work efficiently to integrate our realizations, insights and new paradigms into our everyday life and bring the heaven to earth through each and everyone of us? How our spititual experiences don’t just stay ”up there” but will transform our everyday life and the way we operate in the world?

First in this session, we will do a guided meditation followed by a lecture. After the lecture there is time for Q&A to share your journey for reflection or ask questions.

How can I participate?

Join the event by giving your email down below. 1 hour before the event starts you will get a link to a live Zoom meeting. The event is 90 minutes long, so you can really give yourself time to explore, share and receive.

What is the cost?

The event is free to participate. After the event you have a possibility to make a donation through cryptocurrency (Bitcoin & Ethereum) or Paypal. The amount can be anything that feels right for you at that moment, and ofcourse you are welcome to join the event without donations also. All the details will be sent to you via email.

When is the event?

Event is held on 30th of November. Starting time is 6pm (UTC0) (UK,Portugal etc.) 

You’re wholeheartedly welcome to explore, share and receive. This workshop is for you. 

With love,


Who is Topi?

Topi is a fellow explorer of life and here to share his being with you.

Topi has been working for many years with clients and groups. Typical one on one sessions include energy healing tecniques, working with traumas, finding barriers to connection, empathic listening, mirroring, integrating spiritual experiences and exploring the present moment as it reveals itself.


Topi’s ability to move forward in the present moment without a certain formula indicates deep knowledge and trust. I’d say that behind all the know-how Topi’s biggest ability is to hold space in total acceptance and presence, and the acceptance feels at a level that I might have never experienced before.” – Client

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